Gareth T. Davies


I'm a postdoc at the University of Wuppertal, working in Tibor Jager's IT Security and Cryptography group, as part of the REWOCRYPT project. My research focus is cryptographic protocols, with a recent lean towards updatable encryption and topics related to secure storage. I recently served on the program committees of CT-RSA 2022 and SSR 2022 and will serve on the PC for the second cycle of ACM CCS 2022.


C. Boyd, G. T. Davies, B. de Kock, K. Gellert, T. Jager, L. Millerjord
Symmetric Key Exchange with Full Forward Security and Robust Synchronization

G. T. Davies, C. Janson, D. P. Martin
Client-oblivious OPRAM
ICICS 2020

C. Boyd, G. T. Davies, K. Gjøsteen, Y. Jiang
Fast and Secure Updatable Encryption

G. T. Davies, H. Galteland, K. Gjøsteen, Y. Jiang
Cloud-assisted Asynchronous Key Transport with Post-Quantum Security
ACISP 2020

C. Boyd, G. T. Davies, K. Gjøsteen, H. Raddum, M. Toorani
Security Notions for Cloud Storage and Deduplication
ProvSec 2018 - *Best Paper Award*

C. Boyd, G. T. Davies, K. Gjøsteen, Y. Jiang
Offline Assisted Group Key Exchange
ISC 2018

C. Boyd, G. T. Davies, K. Gjøsteen, H. Raddum, M. Toorani
Definitions for Plaintext-Existence Hiding in Cloud Storage

F. Armknecht, C. Boyd, G. T. Davies, K. Gjøsteen, M. Toorani
Side Channels in Deduplication: Trade-offs between Leakage and Efficiency
AsiaCCS 2017

G. T. Davies, M. Stam
KDM Security in the Hybrid Framework
CT-RSA 2014

F. Böhl, G. T. Davies, D. Hofheinz
Encryption Schemes Secure under Related-Key and Key-Dependent Message Attacks
PKC 2014

Contact and Links

I completed my PhD under the supervision of Martijn Stam and Bogdan Warinschi at the University of Bristol. My thesis, Encryption in the Presence of Key-Dependent Messages and Related-Key Attacks, is available here (684kB). My full CV (August 2021) is available here (78kB).

I am always happy to review papers and to serve on program committees. Email: davies (the at sign) uni-wuppertal (dot) de. Send me encrypted mail via my PGP key (here, 3kB) or via Keybase.

For up-to-date publications, see Google Scholar or DBLP. I am also on Twitter and LinkedIn. My ORCiD is 0000-0002-5935-5725.